Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Family and Friends!! This week definitely had its ups and downs. The saddest part of the week was Sunday when 3 of the recent converts didn't come to church again this week. Its been a big worry because we want to help the recent converts become strong and active in the church and its sad to see them slip right through our fingertips. But the good news! Since we have noticed this big worry we had planned a training for the Ward Counsel. We put in practice what President Zobrist asked of us by putting goals together as a ward. Usually when we make goals of baptisms and rescues we just make them with each other, my companion and I, but President asked us all to make goals with the Ward so that we can have the same vision and work together. Our Training went MUCH better than I had expected. We saw a different side of the members and we saw their desires to help us. Not all of the members were super excited to help but the majority were much more willing and they also had good ideas for us in the work. We are now just going to hope for the best and see how this week goes and see how our goals turn out for the month of June. The truth is that the work really is impossible without the help of the members. Ive noticed it EVEN MORE this past week when our recent converts haven't been coming the past weeks and we've been the only ones worried about them. This work isn't a work for 2 but a work for the ward. If we don't work together there is no work. Sunday we gave talks in the Sacrament Meeting. I talked about what the members needed to do in order to get the temple in Arequipa to come much faster. Sadly, the temple wont be a priority if the members here aren't doing there part. We are now focusing even more on Family History and sending more names into the temples for baptisms for the dead. The temple is programmed to come within 5-7 years, but with the effort of the members it looks to be more like 7-10 years. Hopefully the members can put there best efforts forward so that it wont take that long! Also, this week I went to Cristo Rey with Hermana Escobar on divisions. It was a good experience being be her because I felt like I really could help her out to become a more effective missionary and to help them out in there area. I enjoy being a sister leader because I have the opportunity to help more hermanas out here in the mission. I might not be the perfect missionary but I know that the Lord had called me to help out the hermanas here in Arequipa and Im happy to do it! Well, the moral of the story. All you members out there please help out the missionaries! Its super hard and sad being a missionary when you don't feel the support from the members. Help out the missionaries! Go on visits with them, feed them, give them rides, who knows, just make them feel good! I love you all! Thanks for being such a good support for me while Ive been here on my mission. Its an awesome experience but it would be impossible without the support of my family and friends from home! Thank you! Love always, Hermana Flora xoxo

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