Monday, June 1, 2015


Family and Friends!! Hope you all had a good week! This week for me was super good. We had transfers this Saturday and Im going to be staying here in Zamacola with Hermana Alducin! During the week I had a really awesome experience about following the promptings of the Spirit. In the morning we went to our appointment but they weren’t there so we were walking to our Plan B but then I had a feeling that we should visit a sister from the ward but I didn’t really know why, we kept walking towards Plan B but then I just thought NO, I need to go back to the sister. When we got there we talked with her and shared as message with her. As we were leaving she told us that she was super worried about something and didn’t have anyone to talk to because her mom was out of town and didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else. She then told us her worries about being pregnant. She recently had a baby and was worried about the health of the new baby if she was pregnant and also she was worried about being able to support the new baby because they were low on money. Hermana Lopez opened her Book of Mormon to share a scripture with her but Hermana Vilma had a question about the purpose of the footnotes so she randomly turned to another page to show that the footnotes help us better understand the scriptures and they give us more references to read. When she randomly flipped to the other page Hermana Vilma read a scripture that was highlighted in her book of Mormon that said something of the sort that we need to do things that please God and not the world. She expressed with us that this scripture was exactly what she needed to hear. After we finished talking to her she told us that our visit made her day and that all she needed was to hear the message we had and to talk with her. It was a really neat experience because I was able to see how the Lord works through us as missionaries to help His children here on the earth. Another good experience from this week was the blessing of being able to leave with 8 different members this week! We put a goal together to have 10 lessons with members present and as a ward we completed 9! Last week we only had 4 lessons with members present so it was great to see a huge progress, especially since we are now leaving with all the leaders in the ward and not just 2 or 3 of the same people. Also, this Sunday we had the Musical Recital in Selva Alegre, my first area here in the mission. It was SO good to see people from Graficos! I got to see the bishop and his family, my first pensionista Hermana Deby, a convert Diana, investigators Juan Condori and Ines, and other members, Frank, Hermana Lucy, Hermana Lady and her family….so many! It was fun seeing them again! This Recital was super good because you could just feel the Spirit superrrr strong and at the end I announced the other Recitals that were going to have in Paucarpata and Central and a lot of people said that they are going to come to the other ones and bring there friends as well! Its been a blessing for me to be able to use my talent with music to share my testimony with the people here in Peru. Well I hope you all have a great week. Love you all! Love always, Hermana Flora

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