Monday, June 30, 2014

A week with President

Family and Friends!! This week was pretty good! The weeks are now all running together it feels like. But this week was really fun and different because we got to spend lots of time with President and Hna Zobrist. They are great mission presidents! They are like our parents in the mission and President Zobrist and Hna Zobrist calls us their kids. Also, finally I got to see Hna Smith!! My first companion in the CCM! The best news of all is that she is coming to our Zone this transfer! Transfers were this week. My companion left to Tacna and is going to be companions with Hna Riverin, my other companion in the CCM! How exciting! My new companion is Hna Ogden! She is from Utah. One of her parents in from Peru and the other is from Utah. She was born in Utah but she knows Spanish really well, and I can speak English if I need to. I look forward to this new change with her and work hard in Graficos, the same area as before. We had Zone Conference this week with President Zobrist, Hna Zobrist and the Assistents. It went really well! Thats when I saw Smith for the first time! I feel like I learned a lot and I am excited to do work here in Graficos! This week was a little bit of a bummer because Hna Bazan was sick and then I got sick a few days later, so this is why not much happened this week. But I hope to be getting better soon because I want to work with my new companion! This week will be a shorter email but know that everything is good. My testimony grows stronger and stronger ever week. I thought I had a strong testimony before the mission but now I feel like nothing will shake me. I look forward to how strong my testimony is after the mission! I know this church is true with all my heart. Thank you for all your love and support that all of you give! By the way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!! July 3rd makes 4 years of us being sealed in the temple! I will be celebrating here in Peru for our family! Have a good day July 3rd! I love you all! Love always, Hermana Flora

Monday, June 23, 2014

Here Comes The Bride

Family and Friends!! Congrats to the USA for winning our game in the World Cup last week and making the new record of the first goal scored in the World Cup. 30 seconds! If only I could have seen it haha The World Cup is everywhere here. Every Taxi driver has the World Cup playing on the radios and its on the TVs every house we go to and in every place we go. Its pretty crazy. Last Monday we went looking for a wedding dress for Diana for their wedding this week. It was fun going with them and being part of the excitement of getting a wedding dress. In the night we visited the Fernandez Family for a Family Home Evening with part of the family. The parents are very active. They have 7 children which are older and have kids of their own. Some are active and the others aren't. When we got to their house we didnt know what to teach. We were both really tired and couldnt think of anything. I went to look for something to teach and thought of Moroni Chapter 7. When I flipped to Moroni the pages automatically turned to 3 Nephi 11, which we studied together as companions just 2 days earlier. Hermana Bazan and I both looked at each other and said this is what we will teach. It happened to be perfect. We taught about the coming of Jesus Christ in the Americas and the spirit was really strong. Tuesday. District Meeting today went really well! At the end when our zone got together Elder Wells said, Were going to play a game! We played a game similar to the Newly Weds game but with our companions to see how well we knew our companions. Our Zone Leaders asked us 11 questions each and told us to answer what our companion would answer. Hermana Bazan and I ended up winning! Wahoo!! haha At night Diana had her interview for her baptism this week. At the beginning she didnt want to go and was feeling really nervous. But after much persistence and comfort from the both of us she finally decided to go. We were 30 minutes late but thankfully the President was still in the Chapel waiting to give Diana the interview. The best part of the day was when Diana was so excited to know that she could be baptized. She told us she was so excited and gave us both a HUGE hug! It was so surprising because she is not normally like this and it was fun to see her so happy about her baptism. Wed. When things could have looked like the impossible, God made things possible. Today we needed to turn in all the paperwork for Diana and Jaimes wedding in order for them to get married this weekend. We got to their house and the papers were with Jaimes mom. She was no where to be found. She left her phone in the house and she wasnt at work. We only had a limited amount of time in order to go turn in the paperwork so Hermana Bazan and I decided to go look for her. We first went to her work, nothing. Then went to their other house, NOTHING! We couldnt do anything without this paperwork. At the other house we didnt know what to do or where the paperwork was. I stopped and thought, well we dont know where the paperwork is but God does! We said a prayer outside the house and I said Lets go back to the other house. Hermana Bazan felt the same. When we were in the taxi on our way back to the house Jaime called and asked if we found his mom....she was still no where to be found. Then one second later he said, Oh here she is!! YEAAAHH!! A miracle! We ran to the judge and were able to get all the paperwork done for the wedding this weekend. It was such a success. This night we went and taught Juan and Ines, the parents of Ruso. They have been investigating the church for many years, many years. This lesson was one of the best lessons we had. We taught about Jesus Christ and about His example here on the earth. They have never understood the importance of baptism so we tried teaching baptism in a non threatening way. After talking about Jesus Christ and His perfect example on the earth. We then talked about His example of baptism. I felt he Spirit so strong and the testimony that I bore was filled with power. It is my absolute favorite thing. I love when I can feel the Saviors help when I am bearing testimony of the truth. At the end of the lesson they said they wanted to know more and now understand why it is important to get baptized! YAYYY!!! Today was such a success. Thursday. I got a package from Jayme and a letter from Haley!! It was so exciting! The best part of today was our visit to Milagros de la Cuba. She is around 31 years old with 2 kids and his husband, Lino. He is a member but she isnt. Her father passed away just a month ago so we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and about how she will be able to see her father again someday. She was very focused in the lesson and we could tell that she enjoyed learning more about the Plan of Salvation. She ended up agreeing to a baptismal date for the 5th of July! She said that is she feels like this is the true church by that date she would get baptized. We promised her that if she prays she will receive an answer to her question. Friday! JAIME AND DIANAS WEDDING. What a crazy crazy day. Lets just say that they are just a little tardy so we told them that there wedding was at 1pm, but it was really at 2:30pm. That should be plenty of time. You would think. haha Well, 2pm came and gone. They were still getting ready. At 2:30 were we having panic attacks because the judge only has a certain amount of time. 3pm came and we were more than nervous that we left and went walking around outside because the nerves were killing us. We both felt like it was our wedding and our boyfriends ditched us haha Anyways, 3:15pm they finally arrived. The judge was kind enough to wait and they got married! Such an exciting moment for the both of them. We were both so excited for the decision that they made to get married and complete one covenant with God. We ended up spending the rest of the day with them, we went to dinner after and took pictures for them. It was a really good day. Saturday. The craziest day of all. We wen to the chapel, filled the font, decorated the room, and heated the water. Went to Jaime and Dianas house. No one. Called Jaime and he told us that Diana wasnt feeling up to getting baptized today because she is feeling sick since she is pregnant. She didnt even want to talk to us on the phone. We went to visit some other people then went back to their house. This is where the craziness began....They were home! We just wanted to talk to Diana and see what was going on. She was SO excited on Tuesday and now she just doesnt feel like it? We were both so confused. There was a little hole in the door so we looked through the hole and saw them but when we knocked and they saw that we were at the door they all went into hiding! haha What? We were both confused but then our confusion turned into frustration because we just wanted to talk and see what was happening. After about 30 minutes of waiting Diana finally opened the door. It wasnt very pretty since Hermana Bazan was extremely mad at this point. I was just really bummed and confused...the confusion is normal though haha Sadly to say...long story short. Diana wanted Jaime to baptize her but he cant since he is unworthy since they broke the law of chastity. She wanted to talk to the bishop before just to see if he could the next week but we both know this wont be possible. I really dont understand why it was so difficult to say that haha but anyways...the baptism didnt happen. It was a real bummer for the both of us. Hermana Bazan and I were so tired and super disappointed. But thats okay because we know that we did all that we could. Its just sad to see the excitement of Diana go from the mountains to the valleys. I am just hoping that she will have the same desire to get baptized this week! Sunday. At night we went to the Las Torres ward for the activity to visit every member in the ward. I went with a girl named Mary who served a mission in Lima North. She is super sweet and it was fun going out with her and learning from her different teaching style. I look forward to the time when I can be a very successful missionary like she is. All the returned missionaries are so powerful and I cant wait until I can teach with this same power and knowledge. One day! Overall, this week was a good week. We gave it our all and that is all that we can do. We cant change peoples agency. We can only do the best that we can and be the best we can be. We can only change ourselves. Some new quotes that came out from this week and the week past. The happiness of our lives depend upon the quality of our thoughts. Dont cry because it ended, but smile because it happened. Dont let things that are completely out of your control completely control you. This one especially for this week haha We dont understand the importance of a moment until it becomes a memory. Also a scripture that I really like is Matt 6:21. It says that where our treasure is is where our hearts will be. Something of the sort! Remember to also put your treasure in the Lord!! :) Love always, Hermana Flora

Monday, June 16, 2014

Chocolate for the Soul

Family and Friends!! Happy Fathers Day, Dad! I hope that you had a great day at home with the family! I love you!! Last Monday we had another Family Home Evening and shared with them the talk from Neil Anderson about tornadoes and being firm in the faith when trials and temptations come. I really like having these activities with the ward and seeing them share experiences and bearing testimony. I also really like this talk by Neil Anderson from the last conference in April. Read it!! Tuesday was a blessed day for my companion and I. The firt blessing was when we went to visit the reference from President Zobrist. We went to the gas station where he works and it was closed down but we went in anyways. There was one man there and it happened to be the reference from President Zobrist, Luis! We ended up teaching him a lesson right there. He said he really likes the church and wants to come. He is about 45 years old and has a wife and two kids 15 and 16 years old. We both felt that there are people out there that are ready for the gospel and we just need to find them and teach them! The second blessing of the day was when I finished teaching the piano class one of the girls from the other ward came in and brought a girl that works with her mom to come and talk with us. Her name is Monica. She said she was interested in the church and wants to know more. It was her first time in a chapel. So we taught her in the chapel and she liked everything that we taught. She is ready for the gospel in her life. By the end of the lesson we invited her to follow Jesus Christs example in all that she does and she agreed. Then at the end we invited her to be baptized and she agreed! We were both so touched by her faith and desire to do what is right. It was a good reminder for the both of us about how this gospel has blessed our lives and how we love sharing the gospel to those that really want to hear us and change for the better. The only little bummer about Monica is that she doesn't live in our ward so we have to send her to the Elders for them to teach her, but I am happy that we got to share that experience with her. Wednesday morning I learned the meaning of feasting upon the scriptures. There isn't enough time to study the scriptures as much as I would like. We have one hour of personal study and one hour of companion study, then language study. This day I felt like I was rushing to read everything and learn more and more. The scriptures have now become my chocolate for the soul. I love reading the scriptures. I love what Joseph Smith says about the Book of Mormon in the introduction. He says that no man can get closer to God through any other book than through reading the Book of Mormon. I love this promise. We can all get closer to God when we read the Book of Mormon. In the night we met with Rene Charcas and his wife to see how their interview went with bishop. They are 2 of our rescued this week. At first Rene was upset for some reason, I didn't really understand what he was saying I could just see that he was mad for some reason haha but then he started talking about the members and judging them. Thankfully in the morning I read a perfect scripture for his actions. It's a little intense scripture but we both felt like we needed to share it with him. It is Moroni Chapter 7 verse 12 through 20, but mainly verse 19. It says be careful because the judgment that you judge others will be the same judgment upon you. We read that scripture twice with him and told him to be careful and not judge others harshly because you will be judged the same! After that he said, okay I won't judge anymore. It says it right there in the scriptures, it is really clear. Then he said thank you for being very direct with me. I like it when you tell me how it is and are hard on me. haha Well now we know haha This week we found out that he is still having problems with drinking so now we know to be hard on him and tell him how it is. At night we went to visit Luis Ramos, the reference from President Zobrist but he wasn't there but we ended up teaching his son. Thursday. Diana and Jaime moved to another location temporarily because they are reconstructing their house. This week we didn't really spend much time with them because in the beginning of the week Diana had an interview with President Zobrist but didn't want to go and Jaime wanted her to talk to other people and leaders before talking to President because he doesn't think she is ready. We were both a little frustrated with this because they haven't been progressing as much as we would like. So this week we left them on their own for a little while and it ended up being for the best we found out later in the week. Sunday we didn't expect to see them at church because the other chapel is closer to their temporary house now, but they came! Jaime had questions about how to fill out the tithing form and they are really serious about getting the paperwork down this week and getting married this weekend. They came to us and told us their plans and wanted us to help. Finally! haha On Sunday Jaime asked us if we could go with Diana to go wedding dress shopping! So today we are ditching the Elders and going wedding dress shopping with Diana! We were both so excited and Diana is excited too! We don't know exactly where to go but we are excited! Friday we had the Fathers Day Talent Show activity with the Stake. We invited members, less actives, and non members to come. I played the piano! An arrangement of Disney songs and said here is a little piece of my home for you! The talent show went really well. Saturday morning the Elders had a baptism. We went to help them get ready and decorate a little for the baptism. Our last baptism we forgot to empty the font so the baptismal font was super dirty. Lo siento! We helped them clean the font and then decorate for the baptism of Rosa! I love baptisms and it was fun being able to help the Elders and share the excitement of someone's baptism with them. I love baptisms. My favorite part is hearing the testimonies of the recent converts after baptism. The spirit is always so strong and it is an incredible experience to see the change in others. After the baptism, Rene Charcas's wife had a gran pollada. It's when people make fried chicken and potatoes or other things to go with the chicken. Super yummy! Muy rico! We helped get the members and missionaries to come and help her raise money to pay for her house and food for her family. Sunday. As a Zone the missionaries all went to Alto Selva Alegre to help the ward go out and visit all the less actives in the ward. It was fun going to a different area and knowing that the whole ward of Alto Selva Alegre was getting visited. Also, it was my 5th month anniversary of leaving for the mission! It's crazy to think that the time has gone by. The time really flies by. Thank you for the love and support. Remember to always read your scriptures and choose the right! I love you all! Love always, Hermana Flora xoxoxo

Monday, June 9, 2014

All good things, all good things!

Family and Friends!! All good things, all good things. Last Pday we went go karting! It was super fun and I got to see Hermana Mahas, one of the girls that was in the CCM with me! Monday night we had our first Family Home Evening with the ward at Silvias house. It went really well! The ward is excited to have these activities every week with the ward and us! After the lesson we had another lesson and some of the ward members wanted to come with us to the lesson! We all got into a taxi and hurried to the lesson. Its super nice to feel that we have more confidence and support from our ward. Tuesday through Thursday was a little crazy because we were planning for Jaime and Dianas wedding this weekend. Tuesday we ran all over the town and went into the city to do all the paperwork for them since they didnt do the paperwork and we said we would help them. Tuesday night we went to the mission home! The missionaries from out of area came in since the next day was meetings. Hermana Wellers and Hermana Stone came in and we had a little sleepover with them! haha It was like heaven sleeping at the mission home and having carpet and hot showers! In the morning we made french toast with President and his wife and the other Elders from out of town. It was super fun. Wednesday we had Zone meeting and I got 2 letters from Hermana Riverin and the package from mom! Then we ran with Jaime and Diana to the city to finish the paper work for the wedding but we were 2 minutes too late and the judge left, so it would now be almost impossible for them to get married this weekend, but I had faith that everything would work out. Thursday we went to the judge again to try to get the paperwork turned in for this weekend but no one was there and they told us that they wouldnt be able to get married this weekend. We both felt okay about this and that it would be best for them to wait for next weekend. Since we did all the paperwork and did all that we could, we thought it is best that they needed to learn that they need to take responsibility for their actions. They both dont have jobs and are living with Jaimes mom. Also since Diana is pregnant they need more responsibility. We talked with the mom later this week and told her that she needs to give them more responsibility and not keep giving them money because they will never learn. Jaime and Diana have a long way to go, but on a good note, we both feel like we did a lot of help with Diana. Thursday night and Friday morning we had divisions. My first division, I really liked the division because I was with another sister who has been on the mission for 17 months and knows a lot! I learned a lot from her and learned from her different teaching style, my companion also learned a lot from the other sister. Friday. Dianas birthday! We went to visit Diana and just say happy birthday because we had other plans to see other people in the ward. When we got to her house we gave her a little present, the HLJ rings that my mom sent. We told her to close her eyes and put the ring on her finger. When she opened her eyes and saw the ring she teared up and was so happy and thankful for our love and that we thought of her, then told us that she had a horrible birthday and Jaime left her alone for most of the day. We told Diana to come with us and we would take her to the activity with the ward and we also asked Elder Peterson if he could give her an interview that night. This night we learned that it was best that they didnt get married this weekend. We also learned that before Diana gets baptized she needs to have an interview with President Zobrist and if they did get married Diana wouldnt have been able to get baptized the next day. At first it was a bummer for us because we tried so hard for the paperwork and wanted them to get married this weekend but I had faith that everything would work out. Everything is in the will of Heavenly Father and I can see this even more now. Friday night after the interview of Diana we didnt know where to go so Hermana Bazan and I prayed in the street to figure out what we should do. We both had a feeling to go talk to Rusos mom. Ruso is an old olddd investigator who has been going to the church for about 6 years or more and wants to be baptized but his mom says no, no, no. So we have been trying to work with the mom but she hasnt been home the last times we visited. When we got to their house the father came and talked with us, Juan. We set an appointment to come back and teach him tomorrow. Saturday! FLAG DAY! Hermana Bazan and I both wore red and white for Dia de Bandera here in Peru! We also had little flags that we carried around the whole day. People everywhere were celebrating and having parties for Flag Day. It was crazy! Tonight was our meeting with Juan. We talked with him for a good amount of time and learned more about his job and about his life. We invited him to church and to bring Ruso and his wife. We both feel that we have a much better connection with him and hope that he comes to church tomorrow! Sunday. President Zobrist met us at the chapel and gave us a reference. He lives in our area and says that he always talks to this man in the gas station and invited him to come to church but he didnt show up, so we are planning on visiting him this week! President Zobrist is awesome. In the chapel we were both a little bummed because none of our investigators came to church. During the meeting Diana came! Then 15 minutes later we saw Juan and Ruso come in together! We were both so excited to see them come into church! Juan and Ruso stayed for all 3 hours! This is really good news since most people just leave after the first hour. After church we talked with Juan and he told us that he liked church and wants to learn more and visit more with us!!! YAYYY!!! This is such good news!!! I am hoping that we can teach Juan effectively with the Spirit so that he can learn of the blessings of this gospel and also with his son Ruso.....and one day the mom. One day! haha At night we visited Lino de la Cuba, his son is an investigator and came to church as well. Lino de la Cuba is a less active and has a wife and 2 kids that arent members. We just visited with them and got to know the family more. They are an awesome family. We set up a date to make brownies together and watch a church video with them this week! She said that she likes many things about the church and asked what she needed to do to be a member! Yayy! Just come to church and get baptized! We are the perfect people to talk to haha So this week we will be working on building our relationship with her and her family and hopefully she will want to get baptized after hearing more about the gospel and how the gospel blesses our families. Then in the night we had a lesson with patriarch with 7 other members in the church. He said that he can teach us every week and the members of the ward. He knows a lot about the scriptures and it reminds me of classes at institute. It was fun learning more about the gospel from patriarch and the other members in our ward! This week has been filled with many wonderful events. I am thankful for this opportunity to help others. I feel like this is my second home and my other ward here in Peru. The members are incredible and helpful. And we are having much success with investigators and building relationships with them and teaching them more about Christ. Thank you for the love and support you all send from home to Peru. The mission life is the life. Love always, Hermana Flora xoxoxo P.S. President Zobrist made a new rule for the mission here in Arequipa......we can watch Disney movies!!! I didnt believe my Zone Leaders when they said this. RIO 2! and Frozen! This is so exciting haha in 2 weeks we are going to watch Frozen with the Zone! Disney is my HOME! LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Another great week in Arequipa!!

Family and Friends!! This week has been filled with many excitements. I believe that my companion and I have finally been able to work well together and we are now having much more success. Diana and Jaime were one of our most golden investigators but 2 weeks ago something happened and they wouldn't answer our phone calls or visit with us when we came to their house, nothing! We were so bummed and confused and then figured out what happened. They had an interview with the bishop and said that they shouldn't get married until Jaime gets a job. They both felt really unanimated to get married and for Diana to get baptized. We were finally able to get in contact with Jaime because we used the District Leaders phone to call him haha we met up with him and Diana that night and we got them excited to get married and for Diana to get baptized! They set a new date for marriage for June 6th, the birthday of Diana! I am super excited for them! Then Diana will get baptized the next day! The next news isn't too excited but ended up being good. Edwardo Lucas, I was so excited about him. We had a a 2 hour lesson with him! I mainly taught because he speaks English, but after the lesson my companion and I felt drained spiritually. He kept wanted to know where everything we were teaching him was in the Bible. He knew the bible PERFECTLY! It was super intimidated and after I didn't feel like I was adequate to teach him. Also we both didn't felt good about the lesson and felt like he was trying to convert us to his religion and beliefs. I really liked teaching him because he has lots of questions and desires to know more, but....his questions are SO DEEP and it just wasn't good. For example, he asked..what do we do in the celestial kingdom_ also he was trying to teach us that we could have the priesthood and be prophets. I definitely learned that simple lessons are the best. And we decided that right now is not his time and there are others out there that are ready to learn. I also learned that without the Spirit in our lessons, there is no success because we are only the instruments in the hands of the Lord. In my studies today in Preach My Gospel I read this quote by Ezra Taft Benson that says, The Spirit is the most important single element in this work. With the Spirit magnifying your call, you can do miracles for the Lord in the mission field. Without the Spirit, you will never succeed regardless of your talent and ability. I have learned this to be 100 percent true! When we rely on the Spirit to help guide us in the lesson we will have much success! Another success of the week our zone has decided to create a new goal for contacts. I don't know what the goal is for the mission but our goal is 70 contacts a week, which is 10 contacts a day. This new goal has made this week fell more like a mission because now we are talking to more people everywhere we go and spreading the word to more people. We are looking for more investigators right now and trying to work hard in our circumstances. For example, since my companions foot has still been hurting her, when we went to the clinic for her foot this week we have been teaching people in the clinic and have met some really great people. On Thursday we had interviews with President Zobrist, the mission president. It was my first interview with him since I never had an official first interview with him. The interview went really really well! He is a great president! He reminds me a lot of Bishop Lindahl, so of course he is awesome! haha I look forward to having more interviews with him and getting to know him and Sister Zobrist more too! MORE good news! This whole time that Ive been here we have been working with Lalo. He is 19 years old and is less active. We have taught him all the lessons and have been trying to get him to church. He came to church 2 weeks ago but then after that Sunday we went and taught him and he said he felt like he didn't need to go to church to be saved and that reading the scriptures was good enough. I was super bummed to hear this and thought there must be a reason why he believes this. Something must have happened. Later we found out that he felt judged by the ward members because of the clothes he was wearing. NOO!!! This made me frustrated because it took him a lot to get to church and then to have the members not welcome him. Of course he wouldn't want to come back again. Then I talked to him about his priesthood responsibility. He is the only one in the house that is a male member. When we taught him earlier we said that because he has the priesthood he has responsibilities to do. One week passed after this lesson. Then on Friday morning Hermana Bazan called his mom to confirm the baptism of her daughter for Saturday. Then the mother asked if we have been teaching her son and we said why_ Then she said that he has changed a lot. He has been reading his scriptures a lot and has been helping out around the house! I was SO happy to hear about this because we didn't really know how he was doing. He has been up and down but we knew he had a desire to change. It made my day hearing his mother say that she sees a change in him. I was filled with so much joy that I literally teared up and was crying! haha Woman can be emotional, but this was a super exciting moment for me. Lalo is one of my favorites and nothing makes me happier than seeing or hearing about a change in someone that you have been working with. The gospel really can change people for the best. I am thankful to have this gospel in my life and I feel blessed to have been born into the true gospel. Saturday morning we went to the house of the Choque family with Elder Pezo and Elder Paredes for the interview for the baptism of Fransisco Choque! Fransico is 57 years old and is the father of a family with 4 children. The whole family is members but him. The mom was super nervous the whole time leading up to his baptism. He passed is interview and was getting baptized 2 hours later! Right after we went to the chapel to get things ready for the baptism. We had to figure out how to get warm water for the font because Fransisco had an accident and has nails in one of his legs and he cant be baptized in cold water. We couldn't figure out how to get the warm water for awhile but of course everything worked out because baptism is a righteous desire and everything is in the hands of the Lord! It was a really special day. This baptism was really special because the whole family is now members! The mom was so happy to see her husband get baptized. After the baptism she bore her testimony and when she bore her testimony she teared up and said that this was a birthday gift from God since her birthday is tomorrow. The most special part of today was when Fransico bore his testimony. He loves the part of the gospel that families can be together forever and when he started talking about this he teared up and the Spirit was so strong in the room. This day was a really good day and very Spiritual. The thing that makes me happy is that the family is now complete in the gospel. I hope to see them go to the temple in 1 year from now!! And I would love to be able to go to the temple with them sometime in a little more than a year from now! I loveeee the temple! Sunday was crazy but crazy good! In the morning when we arrived at church we saw Diego! He is 9 years old and is our best investigator and wants to get baptized but his dad wont allow him to get baptized and says he's too young and has to wait until he's 18. It was so sweet to see him because he said that he took the bus from his mothers house to come to church, which is much farther than his dads house. We were both so excited to see him come to church! Diana and Jaime also came to church! After sacrament meeting we were looking for Jaime and Diana and get them to the second class and couldn't find them so we went out to the street and saw them walking up the street so we yelled their names and told them to come back haha they said they were just going to grab something really fast them come back. Then after second hour I saw them trying to leave again so I followed after them and told Diana to come to Relief Society. She thought it was funny when we kept coming after her haha Jaime is a little lazy at times and we both think that at times he brings Diana down and they both need a little push so this is why we kept going after them and bringing them to class haha I am so excited for their wedding and Diana's baptism!! This week has been a good week and I look forward to what success comes in our area this next transfer! So far we have 2 weddings, 4 baptisms, and a ward activity planned to get more members involved to invite their friends to come to the church for a fun activity then we can get to know them and teach them! Always remember your testimony and who you stand for because there are many people who would like to see you forget. Love always, Hermana Flora xoxo