Saturday, May 9, 2015

Finding Nemo

May 4th Family and Friends!! This week we had a training with our Hermanas about Unity within companionships since almost all the hermanas in our group had transfers. We analyzed the companionship of Dory and Merlin, Nemos dad. We talked about at the beginning we had difficulties with our companions because we don't really know them that well just as Merlin and Dory did when they first met. But once they got to know each other and have patience with each other they were able to better successfully achieve there goal. We compared this to the heremans and there companionships, that we need to work in unity in order to achieve our goals on the mission. The girls really liked the activity and we are hoping that they will be able to work better together and find ways to work in their companionships. We had a lesson with Max, (17) the recent convert who got baptized at the end of Feb, and we are now preparing him to baptize Denilson! It would be such an awesome experience to see Max baptize Denilson. He's been such a good convert and is even preparing himself for his first talk on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting! We are hoping that he will one day go on a mission when he turns 18! I look forward to seeing the family this weekend for Mothers Day! I love you all! Have a great week :) Love always, Hermana Flora

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