Monday, May 18, 2015


Family and Friends!! Highlights of the week... Well It's been CRAZY because the people here in Arequipa went on strike for 3 days. In our area it wasn’t super bad but for the Elders in our zone the weren’t able to go to the meeting on Thursday because all the roads were blocked since people were throwing rocks at the cars trying to pass and had huge rocks in the middle of the streets. I didn’t see it but they explained it to us. It was kind of crazy. Our area was a lot calmer because barely any buses passed by and there area ALWAYS buses everywhere. We had interviews with President this week! I love President Zobrist. He's such a great man and has so much love for all of us missionaries. On Sunday we went to Chivay for there Branch Conference to participate as a choir. President Zonrist and Hermana Zobrist were both there. Chivay is a super small little town about 4 hours outside of Arequipa. Its been a blessing to be able to play the piano and sing here and be able to share my musical talents with the people here in Arequipa. I love it. The biggest highlight of the week started on Monday. It was a big testimony to me of Gods love to me. This might seem like a weird way to begin the story but it all begins Monday when our phone got stolen from my companions backpack. I was super frustrated in general because of what happened a few months ago when my whole backpack got stolen. Lets just say I was a little bitter…. So Tuesday when we were going out to work I knew that I couldn’t leave with the feelings I had in my heart. I prayed a lot in my heart to have love for the people and find the good in the world. When we left I still had bitterness in my heart, we passed by some drunk men and they started yelling at us like usual, but then my heart was melted when I saw a cute little boy walking hand in hand with his mom. The answer came when we walked passed this one lady that was selling potatoes in the street and she looked at us and said hi with the biggest smile Ive ever seen. My heart was filled with happiness and my prayer was answered with her smile. After the lesson we passed again by her and this time I just talked to her and gave her a card to watch the new video Because He Lives. This was something new for me because usually Im super shy to just go up and talk to people but the love that I had for her cast out all fear that I had. I really just felt a big desire to tell her what I knew. This week I have been feeling more love than ever for the people here, thanks to the man on the bus that stole our phone. Its funny to see how God works sometimes. Theres many bad things in the world but if you open your eyes you can see the good, its out there, you just need to look. Keep your eyes open and look for the good in the world. Look for the good. Be the good. Love always, Hermana Flora

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