Saturday, May 9, 2015

Book of Mormon

March 30, 2015 Family and Friends!! Hope all is going well at home. This week was another good week here in Arequipa, Zamacola! Last Monday night we had a NDH, Family Home Evening, with the Pacheco Family. We talked about families and how important they are to us. Then we had them imagine as if this was there last day here in the earth and they had to write down all of their last consejos, counsels, to their families. They spend a good time writing down all their thoughts and counsels for their families. Then we talked about what they wrote for their families and some even teared up about what they wrote because of the great love they have for their families. We then collected the papers and put them in Hermana Waldrons scriptures. Then explained how the Book of Mormon is a counsel from our ancestors. They wrote all their knowledge and counsels for US so that we can become better people and learn from their mistakes. We then grabbed their papers that they wrote and said that when we don’t read the Book of Mormon we are ignoring their counsels, I then took the papers and ripped them up. Then we said that when we don’t read the Book of Mormon because we don’t have time we are ignoring their guidance and I ripped the papers up and even threw them on the ground. Im pretty sure everyone was supppperrr mad at me at this point. They were all shocked but realized that this was true. They want their families to listen to their own counsels but we aren’t even listen to the counsels from our ancestors. We then taught about the importance of the Book of Mormon and gave them the 90 program to read the Book of Mormon and invited them to read the Book of Mormon everyday. They all accepted. At that moment, we pulled out all the papers that they wrote on. It was a trick! We really didn’t rip up the papers that they wrote, We just ripped the papers that Hermana Waldron and I wrote with blank pages in the middle. They all got so much happier and were even more determined to read the Book of Mormon. The best part of the lesson was that Hermana Pacheco LOVED the lesson so much that she is planning to teach it next Sunday in Relief Society when she has her lesson. This past week we have been checking up on them and they have all been reading the Book of Mormon. It was a really impactful lesson and its great to see that they are all trying to get better at reading the scriptures. It was a good reminder that we all need to read our scriptures more. Entonces, I invite all of you to read your scriptures everyday. I know that it is a big blessing and it will change your lives if you put your best effort into reading your scriptures everyday. I love you all! Love always, Hermana Flora

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