Monday, October 27, 2014

Worth of Souls

Family and Friends!! Another great week here in Peru trying to serve the Lord the best I can! Highlights of the week... We met Nicole's mom this week! She's great and has no problem with Nicole getting baptized, she just wants her to be secure with her decision, which we told her that this was our goal as well. Had a great spiritually guided lesson with Evangelina about the Plan of Salvation. She told us about her sister who had passed away a few years ago and she wanted to know where she was right now. As we taught we described to her the blessings that could come if she were to be faithful in this life and the blessings that could come to her sister as well. She was very interested in this message of hope that we all have to share. Evangelina told us she wants to hear more. This week we had Stake Conference and Elder Uceda, from the 70 here in South America, came down for our conference and also President Zobrist. It was SUCH a great conference. Saturday night we brought Nicole, one of our investigators who is prepcole was inviting Jasmine to come again to the Sunaring for baptism, and she ended up inviting her friend! Her name is Jasmine. We had our special musical number that I played piano for. We used the arrangement that I came up with for our other ward conference for our stake choir for the Saturday night session. Then Elder Uceda taught with such power, the whole conference was filled with the Spirit. Called us all the repentance. The missionaries and the leaders. Taught us how we can more effectively have Ward Council and for the missionaries how we should teach more carefully. We talked about rescuing the Lost Sheep. We are looking for converts not baptisms. I love this concept because we don't want to baptism people just to have more numbers, we want people to stay for life! This is true! That night we met Jasmines mom and she invited us to come over whenever to teach her daughter. We might have a new family to teach! YEAH! Sunday conference was super good as well. We had Nicole and her friend there too! Her friend seems excited to listen to us. We set up a lesson with her with Nicole this Wednesday. We shall see how things go with Jasmine and hopefully her family! This morning we went to Seminary! My comp had the great idea to teach a lesson in Seminary. The assigned chapters were Mormon 5 and 6. Its about the battles that went on as Mormon as their leader. Talks about how sad it was for him to see the death of his people because they wouldn't repent. We had them draw a picture of one of their friends thats not a member on a piece of paper at the beginning of class then saved it for the end. When we talked about the destruction of Mormons soldiers we took out their papers of the drawings they drew of their friends and ripped them up. We repeated the scripture that said that all the people died and said that their friends would have all perished. They were like the Mormon leaders to their friends. They were all shocked when we ripped up their friends pictures and the girls almost all cried. But then we said that thankfully we have repentance and we still have the chance to bring our friends unto Christ! We pulled out their actual drawings of their friends, because we only ripped up papers that looked like the papers that they drew their friends on. Their faces were priceless! They were so happy to see their friends drawings again. Then shared the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 18 that the worth of souls is great in the sight of God and how great will be our joy when we bring souls unto Christ. It was such a great Spirit driven lesson. The Seminary teacher, Noelia, thanked us for our service and after the lesson told us how Mondays were the hardest day for her to teach Seminary and sometimes they don't have lessons so we told her we could help her out and she invited us to teach Seminary every Monday. It was super fun so I look forward to have the opportunity to teach every Monday morning! Another successful week here in Peru. Just trying to do the best we can here in San Antonio! Hope you all too can help bring others come unto Christ. We are the light of the world and have the light of Christ with us. We need to feel guilty if we are not sharing this with others. Remember that the worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God. Love you all! Hermana Flora

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