Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 3, 2014

Family and Friends!! Its November! I cant believe how the months are flying by. This week we sent 2 missionaries home, so we had little farewell parties as a zone before finishing the mission. The pictures are from last P day when we went to the waterfall as a zone. Its the big activity we do here in Moquegua on the last Pday of the change. It was way fun! As Im sure you will be able to see in the photos. This week in general we have been working more with the members and we have grown closer to the members here and we are working on helping the members get closer to our investigators so they will feel more comfortable when them come to church. Also, it was Halloween! They dont exactly celebrate Halloween here. Which is a little sad. We saw some cute kids dressed up in costumes running around at night but theres a lot of people that are superstitious and think that Halloween is an evil holiday. I was so sad to hear that. But we had a little celebration during dinner with the Elders and Magaly and her family for Halloween. Nicole passed her baptismal interview this week! We practiced a song for her baptism with the ward choir on Sunday and are getting everyone excited for her baptism as well! Another exciting thing from the week was our activity this Sunday night that we had, called Plan Oveja. Sheep Plan haha to look for the lost sheep that arent coming to church. It was such a success! I was so happy to see many members at the church for the activity. They were ready to help! We got them excited to go do visits with us and help invite these people to come back to church! Hopefully we can do this activity every Sunday or every other Sunday night. I think it is a good opportunity to help get the members visiting other less actives and for us to meet more people with the help of the members. This week was a great success, just as always. The mission is going great. Sadly, today is tranfers and we lost both of our Zone Leaders...Elder Chipman and Elder Birtcher. We went to say bye to them this morning. It will be weird having two new zone leaders but the new zone leaders seem like they will be great. The work is pushing forward here in Peru! Hope all continues to be well at home! Love you all. Love always, Hermana Flora

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