Monday, October 6, 2014


Family and Friends!! This week we had a little bit of some set backs because my comp and I were sick. My companion had a stomach infection so we stayed in more than normal to try to get her back to normal. Thankfully now we are both doing great and my companion can now keep down her food, thankfully! I didn't tell you last week but we weren't able to watch conference this week because here in Peru there were elections yesterday and it is illegal here to have meetings on the same day as elections. You are basically forced to vote. They make sure you have no excuses haha so there was no church this Sunday. It was weird! We will be watching conference as a Stake this Saturday and Sunday! The end of this week was very successful. Karina committed to a date to get baptized! Only one little problem, she just told us yesterday that they will be leaving for a trip to Chile for a month or so... just a little bit of a setback so we will have to change this date for when she is ready. But the good news is that we had a lesson with her whole family on Sunday night and we found out that her older brother was an investigator before, he knows SO much about the church and is reading the Book of Mormon, was reading it earlier. He told us that the only thing he faulted was to get baptized! Well theres two of them in the family that told us they have desires to get baptized! Our goal is to baptize the whole family! It will be a while from now, a month or 2, because of their plans to travel. But we are both excited for their family. Other good news, Nicole told us on Sunday that her mom is happy about her decision to get baptized and she can get baptized if its her desire! YEAH! We are really happy for Nicole, she also is super happy about it too. She is one of our best investigators. I always love coming and teaching her since she is always prepared and ready to learn. I want to find more people like Nicole. She is awesome. She is also starting to do Personal Progress. She has told us she wants to pay tithing. She is golden. We are hoping she will get baptized this month. Her mom lives in Tacna which is about 2 hours away on bus so we need to plan a day that will work with her mom so she can come to the baptism. We are going to meet the mom this Wednesday so we will figure out a day then! We're excited for this! Other than our little setback at the beginning of the week, we were able to move past that and work hard at the end of the week. Hermana Bourque is awesome. She is a hard worker. When she was sick and throwing up she still wanted to go out and work. So we did as much as she literally could. She is a stud. I hope you all enjoyed Conference! I look forward to watching it this week. Remember to apply the things that you've learned from Conference. Follow the prophet! Love always, Hermana Flora

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