Monday, October 13, 2014


Friends!! What a pleasure it was to watch General Conference this week. Just one week later than everyone else haha It was nice hearing about how much everyone loved conference before so it got me even more excited to listen to it. I have never been so excited to listen to conference before. Everything that I heard was for help to us in this wonderful missionary work. I'm just a little sad that it is already over, it went so fast. I will never take advantage of the great opportunity we have to listen to the prophet and apostles. I didn't realize how much a blessing it is until I began to teach everyone about it and the feelings of sadness I had when many people didn't show up. It really is a bummer to not have the opportunity to listen to a prophet but we do have the opportunity! At the least, 2 times a year, so we better take advantage of it to the fullest. This week, I feel like the weeks are all mixing together by now and the time is flying. This upcoming week will mark my half way mark, 9 months down and 9 more to go. Weird. I can't believe how the time comes and goes. In these past 9 months I have been able to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover, and this week I will be finishing the Book of Mormon cover to cover in Spanish! It has taken me awhile to read it in Spanish but I know that it has helped me enormously with my ability to learn the language. With my companion we have a goal to read the Book of Mormon together in Spanish and finish it by the end of her training which is in 3 months. It will be something that we need to be extremely diligent with in order to accomplish it, but we both have the desire to do it! For this next 9 months I have the goal of reading through the whole book Jesus the Christ. I have been reading through it but I really want to put more emphasis into it and read the whole book and learn more about Christ. My other goal is to read through the Book of Mormon in Spanish again! I know that this will help me become more prepared and become a better missionary to all those around me. With the mission field. Everything is still going great. I love being a missionary. The joy of bringing souls unto Christ really is the greatest joy we could ever receive. I loved Conference so much! Hope everything is going well at home. Help the missionaries out, share the gospel with those around you. Remember that everyone is watching. Try to be like Christ in every moment. Just as our prophet taught us. Follow Christs perfect example. Walking where He walked is less important than walking AS He walked. Strive to put Christ in the center of your lives! I will be working on this as well! I love you all! Cuidense mucho. Les amo! Hermana Flora Family and

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