Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year

Family and Friends!! What a great week it was to celebrate Christmas and be able to see my family! The Christmas tradition here is super fun. They stay up until midnight the day of Christmas and EVERYONE sets off fireworks and starts the Christmas celebrations after. When midnight came we went on the roof with the other hermanas and watched all the fireworks going off. It was CRAZY! What a celebraion. It was fun being here for Christmas but Im glad that I will only miss one Christmas away from home since the real celebration of Christmas is with the family. As for the work, we are almost positive that we are going to have 2 baptisms in January! They are brothers and want to get baptized on the same day. The mom is super supportive, Margarita, and she would love to get baptized but as for now she cant since her husband and her arent married. She would love to be baptized but its sad because she cant. Other good news is that we had 2 new investigators come to church this Sunday! They came to our ward activity for Christmas and we set up a day to go visit them and invite them to church. Best news is that one of the members, Cielo, already knew them so in the morning she came with us to go pick them up at their house. They both came! January we are hoping to see baptisms! Baptisms are the best. I love seeing people come into the church and be converted. This week was a good week! Hope you all were able to feel the love through the Christmas spirit this year. I love Christmas time! Love you all! Hermana Flora

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