Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Family and Friends!! This week I had a goal to teach with more boldness. As missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ we have the great opportunity to promise blessings. This week I have been focusing on using this great opportunity of being bold and promising blessings. In my efforts to do so I have seen great miracles. As I attempt to be closer to the Spirit and teach what I feel like the investigator needs I have felt the gift of tounges in my life. My Spanish still isnt perfect, nor will it ever be, but when I have really been focused into the needs of the person and testified with boldness, I have spoken PERFECTLY without hesitation! It really surprises me as well as my comp and the people we are teaching. For example, we recieved a reference from a member named DONNY! He is the best, mainly since he has the name of my little brother! haha Anyways, we went to the house of this family. There is one member named Tania, who is less active as of 2 years more or less. Then her mom, Maria, who isnt a member but who has asisted before. The daughter, Tania who is 27 years old, accepted to come back to church easy, the difficulty was the mom. The mom, Maria, told us that there is NO WAY her and her husband can come to church on sunday because it is the day that her husband goes to the farm and they both go there allll day. Its his tradition to go every Sunday and they cant go anyyyyy other day because.....excuse, excuse, excuse. Last week I probably would have told her to try to go and that its important, but this week I was testifying more boldly because I think this has been my fault with some of our other invesitgators. So this time after asking her why they had to go to the farm on Sunday instead of Saturday I told her that she has to come to church on Sunday because its a commandment from God, its not just something that I want but its what the Lord wants. There will be trials and sacrifices right now but the blessings will out weigh the trials or sacrifices you had made. She told us that she wanted her husband to go to church and wanted him to change so then I continued to tell her that he will not change or go to church unless you change and go to church. When I was teaching this I could feel the Spirit sooo strong. We explained to her that we have 6 days in the week to do whateverrr we want and only 1 day the Lord asks us to dedicate time for Him, only ONE day. At the end of the lesson, she actually accepted to see if they could change the unchangeable habit of going to the farm on Sunday. I was surprised! I shouldnt have been since everything I was teaching was true, but I was happily surprised and thankfully. We promised her blessings that as she strives to change and go to church the Lord WILL bless her in her obedience. I am praying and hoping that next week when she said she could come to church, they will show up together as a family. This week I have learned to teach with more boldness. Because its all true! The Lord DID give us commandments, DID promise us blessings, now we just need to teach this to others or help them remember! I love being a missionary! Teaching and testifying of Christ is the best way to have the Spirit of the Holiday Season. I encourage all of you at home to be a little more bold, have a little less fear, because the Lord WILL be with you. Dont doubt what He can do. He is ALL powerful. Do you not think He could change someones heart? Fear not, for the Lord will be with you! Be BOLD. Its all true. Love always, Hermana Flora

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