Monday, January 19, 2015

One Hour

Family and Friends!! I am coming on my last week here in Moquegua with Hermana Bourque. Nothing is set or sure but Im thinking that I will be leaving this tranfer so this is probably my last week in Moquegua. Its a little sad to think of leaving the people here so I try not to think about it for too long. The weeks have been mixing together and time just keeps flying by. Highlight, we are going to see Cristian and his younger brother get baptized THIS Saturday! Were super excited. We also set up an activity as missionaries to have a Sports Night that consisted of Ping Pong and Basketball. It was a good turn out with less actives and members and a few investigators. Another highlight of the week was Sunday talks. Its the 3rd week so naturally the missionaries speak. I wasnt wanting to speak at alllll because I feel like everytime I go up to speak no one listens because theyre either on their phones or sleeping or talking to others next to them. The worst is that the Bishop and his counsels wont set a good example since Ive seen them every Sunday on their phones looking at FaceBook or Instagram. I was talking about my frustration with a member and he remembered a talk that was in the Priesthood Session in April 2014 called the Chosen Generation. I asked him to print it off and it was Perfect! I planned to read much from the talk because I loved exactly what the man had said. I prayed a lot so that I could teach with the Spirit so that I would be able to help the members understand the importance of the sacrament meeting. When it was time to go up I begin teaching from what I had planned but one by one people starting going off into their other world found through their phones. I pushed the talk aside and began to teach from the heart. I taught, There is a time and place for everything. Sacrament Meeting is NOT the time for Instagram or FaceBook. Can you not give an hour or three hours to the Lord? Is it really that difficult to put your phone aside for just an hour? The rest I dont remember but the feeling I do remember. The room was silent and everyone was focused on what I was saying, as never before had happened. After the meeting the counselor came up and told me sorry and that he wouldnt go on Internet again, I was surpried. Then the bishop told me he was going to cut the Wifi in the building. Woah. I wasnt expecting that much of a reaction but I am just glad to see some actions happening so that the members can better focus on the importance of the Sacrament Meeting rather than be playing on their phones. Hope all of you can also remember the importance of the Sacrament Meeting. Can you leave your phone for 3 hours for the Lord? Love always, Hermana Flora

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