Monday, January 12, 2015

Following the Spirit

January 12, 2015 Family and Friends!! Good week. Filled with many highs and lows but I would like to share the best part of the week when I followed the small promptings of the Spirit. It happened to be the same day as Jaymes birthday! haha good day! Well in the night we had a lesson set up with a member and their friend that is investigating the church in the chapel. It was 7 and we waited until 715 and then he told me they werent probably going to come but if he didnt call in 30 minutes then it would be rescheduled for another day, so we waited there a few minutes later. I was reading the Liahona when I was thinking they would probably not be able to come but I continued reading then thought that we could just enter for dinner a few minutes earlier. Then I had a thought come into my head super strong that said Get up and Go out to work. I literally stood up and told my companiong, Let go! Hermana Bourque had no idea where we were going but we went out and left. We decided to go to Cristians house. He had his baptismal interview with President the day earlier, but after the interview he still wasnt set on getting baptized. When we got there the lesson was very inspired. The Spirit was super strong and we were calling him to repentace. He told us that he stilll wasnt ready for baptism and still needed to prepare more because he felt like his sins were too big. We then taught him about how that is what Satan wants us to think. We talked about what team he wanted to be on. Satans team or Jesus Christs team? Of course he wants to do whats right. We then commited him to do what Christ would have him do if He himself were in the room with us. We commited him to baptism for when he felt comfortable. He accepted for the 24th of January! Cristian just needed a little push to get him on the path and get his animos back up! Then 2 days later we went back and invited his brother, Humberto, to get baptized with his brother the same day. He accepted as well! We are excited to see them both get baptized this month! ALSO! We have been teaching their cousins who are members but less active. Paul, who is 17, is now active, but the older brother, Renato, 22, we are trying to activate. When I first met him I didnt think I would ever see him in the chapel since his heart was super hard. Well weve been teaching him these past weeks and Sunday when he came to church we asked him to talk to the bishop. I completly saw the change in his heart. We are hoping to get him prepared to recieve the priesthood and ready to baptize his cousin Cristian and his brother Paul to baptize Humberto! It would really be the best thing! The bishop told us that it would be possible but it all depends upon Renato and how the interview goes and how his desires are to come back to church and fully reactivate. I REALLY HOPE SO! I fasted in the beginning on the month to see a miracle. This would be the miracle that I would hope to see. Love always, Hermana Flora

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