Monday, June 23, 2014

Here Comes The Bride

Family and Friends!! Congrats to the USA for winning our game in the World Cup last week and making the new record of the first goal scored in the World Cup. 30 seconds! If only I could have seen it haha The World Cup is everywhere here. Every Taxi driver has the World Cup playing on the radios and its on the TVs every house we go to and in every place we go. Its pretty crazy. Last Monday we went looking for a wedding dress for Diana for their wedding this week. It was fun going with them and being part of the excitement of getting a wedding dress. In the night we visited the Fernandez Family for a Family Home Evening with part of the family. The parents are very active. They have 7 children which are older and have kids of their own. Some are active and the others aren't. When we got to their house we didnt know what to teach. We were both really tired and couldnt think of anything. I went to look for something to teach and thought of Moroni Chapter 7. When I flipped to Moroni the pages automatically turned to 3 Nephi 11, which we studied together as companions just 2 days earlier. Hermana Bazan and I both looked at each other and said this is what we will teach. It happened to be perfect. We taught about the coming of Jesus Christ in the Americas and the spirit was really strong. Tuesday. District Meeting today went really well! At the end when our zone got together Elder Wells said, Were going to play a game! We played a game similar to the Newly Weds game but with our companions to see how well we knew our companions. Our Zone Leaders asked us 11 questions each and told us to answer what our companion would answer. Hermana Bazan and I ended up winning! Wahoo!! haha At night Diana had her interview for her baptism this week. At the beginning she didnt want to go and was feeling really nervous. But after much persistence and comfort from the both of us she finally decided to go. We were 30 minutes late but thankfully the President was still in the Chapel waiting to give Diana the interview. The best part of the day was when Diana was so excited to know that she could be baptized. She told us she was so excited and gave us both a HUGE hug! It was so surprising because she is not normally like this and it was fun to see her so happy about her baptism. Wed. When things could have looked like the impossible, God made things possible. Today we needed to turn in all the paperwork for Diana and Jaimes wedding in order for them to get married this weekend. We got to their house and the papers were with Jaimes mom. She was no where to be found. She left her phone in the house and she wasnt at work. We only had a limited amount of time in order to go turn in the paperwork so Hermana Bazan and I decided to go look for her. We first went to her work, nothing. Then went to their other house, NOTHING! We couldnt do anything without this paperwork. At the other house we didnt know what to do or where the paperwork was. I stopped and thought, well we dont know where the paperwork is but God does! We said a prayer outside the house and I said Lets go back to the other house. Hermana Bazan felt the same. When we were in the taxi on our way back to the house Jaime called and asked if we found his mom....she was still no where to be found. Then one second later he said, Oh here she is!! YEAAAHH!! A miracle! We ran to the judge and were able to get all the paperwork done for the wedding this weekend. It was such a success. This night we went and taught Juan and Ines, the parents of Ruso. They have been investigating the church for many years, many years. This lesson was one of the best lessons we had. We taught about Jesus Christ and about His example here on the earth. They have never understood the importance of baptism so we tried teaching baptism in a non threatening way. After talking about Jesus Christ and His perfect example on the earth. We then talked about His example of baptism. I felt he Spirit so strong and the testimony that I bore was filled with power. It is my absolute favorite thing. I love when I can feel the Saviors help when I am bearing testimony of the truth. At the end of the lesson they said they wanted to know more and now understand why it is important to get baptized! YAYYY!!! Today was such a success. Thursday. I got a package from Jayme and a letter from Haley!! It was so exciting! The best part of today was our visit to Milagros de la Cuba. She is around 31 years old with 2 kids and his husband, Lino. He is a member but she isnt. Her father passed away just a month ago so we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and about how she will be able to see her father again someday. She was very focused in the lesson and we could tell that she enjoyed learning more about the Plan of Salvation. She ended up agreeing to a baptismal date for the 5th of July! She said that is she feels like this is the true church by that date she would get baptized. We promised her that if she prays she will receive an answer to her question. Friday! JAIME AND DIANAS WEDDING. What a crazy crazy day. Lets just say that they are just a little tardy so we told them that there wedding was at 1pm, but it was really at 2:30pm. That should be plenty of time. You would think. haha Well, 2pm came and gone. They were still getting ready. At 2:30 were we having panic attacks because the judge only has a certain amount of time. 3pm came and we were more than nervous that we left and went walking around outside because the nerves were killing us. We both felt like it was our wedding and our boyfriends ditched us haha Anyways, 3:15pm they finally arrived. The judge was kind enough to wait and they got married! Such an exciting moment for the both of them. We were both so excited for the decision that they made to get married and complete one covenant with God. We ended up spending the rest of the day with them, we went to dinner after and took pictures for them. It was a really good day. Saturday. The craziest day of all. We wen to the chapel, filled the font, decorated the room, and heated the water. Went to Jaime and Dianas house. No one. Called Jaime and he told us that Diana wasnt feeling up to getting baptized today because she is feeling sick since she is pregnant. She didnt even want to talk to us on the phone. We went to visit some other people then went back to their house. This is where the craziness began....They were home! We just wanted to talk to Diana and see what was going on. She was SO excited on Tuesday and now she just doesnt feel like it? We were both so confused. There was a little hole in the door so we looked through the hole and saw them but when we knocked and they saw that we were at the door they all went into hiding! haha What? We were both confused but then our confusion turned into frustration because we just wanted to talk and see what was happening. After about 30 minutes of waiting Diana finally opened the door. It wasnt very pretty since Hermana Bazan was extremely mad at this point. I was just really bummed and confused...the confusion is normal though haha Sadly to say...long story short. Diana wanted Jaime to baptize her but he cant since he is unworthy since they broke the law of chastity. She wanted to talk to the bishop before just to see if he could the next week but we both know this wont be possible. I really dont understand why it was so difficult to say that haha but anyways...the baptism didnt happen. It was a real bummer for the both of us. Hermana Bazan and I were so tired and super disappointed. But thats okay because we know that we did all that we could. Its just sad to see the excitement of Diana go from the mountains to the valleys. I am just hoping that she will have the same desire to get baptized this week! Sunday. At night we went to the Las Torres ward for the activity to visit every member in the ward. I went with a girl named Mary who served a mission in Lima North. She is super sweet and it was fun going out with her and learning from her different teaching style. I look forward to the time when I can be a very successful missionary like she is. All the returned missionaries are so powerful and I cant wait until I can teach with this same power and knowledge. One day! Overall, this week was a good week. We gave it our all and that is all that we can do. We cant change peoples agency. We can only do the best that we can and be the best we can be. We can only change ourselves. Some new quotes that came out from this week and the week past. The happiness of our lives depend upon the quality of our thoughts. Dont cry because it ended, but smile because it happened. Dont let things that are completely out of your control completely control you. This one especially for this week haha We dont understand the importance of a moment until it becomes a memory. Also a scripture that I really like is Matt 6:21. It says that where our treasure is is where our hearts will be. Something of the sort! Remember to also put your treasure in the Lord!! :) Love always, Hermana Flora

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