Monday, June 9, 2014

All good things, all good things!

Family and Friends!! All good things, all good things. Last Pday we went go karting! It was super fun and I got to see Hermana Mahas, one of the girls that was in the CCM with me! Monday night we had our first Family Home Evening with the ward at Silvias house. It went really well! The ward is excited to have these activities every week with the ward and us! After the lesson we had another lesson and some of the ward members wanted to come with us to the lesson! We all got into a taxi and hurried to the lesson. Its super nice to feel that we have more confidence and support from our ward. Tuesday through Thursday was a little crazy because we were planning for Jaime and Dianas wedding this weekend. Tuesday we ran all over the town and went into the city to do all the paperwork for them since they didnt do the paperwork and we said we would help them. Tuesday night we went to the mission home! The missionaries from out of area came in since the next day was meetings. Hermana Wellers and Hermana Stone came in and we had a little sleepover with them! haha It was like heaven sleeping at the mission home and having carpet and hot showers! In the morning we made french toast with President and his wife and the other Elders from out of town. It was super fun. Wednesday we had Zone meeting and I got 2 letters from Hermana Riverin and the package from mom! Then we ran with Jaime and Diana to the city to finish the paper work for the wedding but we were 2 minutes too late and the judge left, so it would now be almost impossible for them to get married this weekend, but I had faith that everything would work out. Thursday we went to the judge again to try to get the paperwork turned in for this weekend but no one was there and they told us that they wouldnt be able to get married this weekend. We both felt okay about this and that it would be best for them to wait for next weekend. Since we did all the paperwork and did all that we could, we thought it is best that they needed to learn that they need to take responsibility for their actions. They both dont have jobs and are living with Jaimes mom. Also since Diana is pregnant they need more responsibility. We talked with the mom later this week and told her that she needs to give them more responsibility and not keep giving them money because they will never learn. Jaime and Diana have a long way to go, but on a good note, we both feel like we did a lot of help with Diana. Thursday night and Friday morning we had divisions. My first division, I really liked the division because I was with another sister who has been on the mission for 17 months and knows a lot! I learned a lot from her and learned from her different teaching style, my companion also learned a lot from the other sister. Friday. Dianas birthday! We went to visit Diana and just say happy birthday because we had other plans to see other people in the ward. When we got to her house we gave her a little present, the HLJ rings that my mom sent. We told her to close her eyes and put the ring on her finger. When she opened her eyes and saw the ring she teared up and was so happy and thankful for our love and that we thought of her, then told us that she had a horrible birthday and Jaime left her alone for most of the day. We told Diana to come with us and we would take her to the activity with the ward and we also asked Elder Peterson if he could give her an interview that night. This night we learned that it was best that they didnt get married this weekend. We also learned that before Diana gets baptized she needs to have an interview with President Zobrist and if they did get married Diana wouldnt have been able to get baptized the next day. At first it was a bummer for us because we tried so hard for the paperwork and wanted them to get married this weekend but I had faith that everything would work out. Everything is in the will of Heavenly Father and I can see this even more now. Friday night after the interview of Diana we didnt know where to go so Hermana Bazan and I prayed in the street to figure out what we should do. We both had a feeling to go talk to Rusos mom. Ruso is an old olddd investigator who has been going to the church for about 6 years or more and wants to be baptized but his mom says no, no, no. So we have been trying to work with the mom but she hasnt been home the last times we visited. When we got to their house the father came and talked with us, Juan. We set an appointment to come back and teach him tomorrow. Saturday! FLAG DAY! Hermana Bazan and I both wore red and white for Dia de Bandera here in Peru! We also had little flags that we carried around the whole day. People everywhere were celebrating and having parties for Flag Day. It was crazy! Tonight was our meeting with Juan. We talked with him for a good amount of time and learned more about his job and about his life. We invited him to church and to bring Ruso and his wife. We both feel that we have a much better connection with him and hope that he comes to church tomorrow! Sunday. President Zobrist met us at the chapel and gave us a reference. He lives in our area and says that he always talks to this man in the gas station and invited him to come to church but he didnt show up, so we are planning on visiting him this week! President Zobrist is awesome. In the chapel we were both a little bummed because none of our investigators came to church. During the meeting Diana came! Then 15 minutes later we saw Juan and Ruso come in together! We were both so excited to see them come into church! Juan and Ruso stayed for all 3 hours! This is really good news since most people just leave after the first hour. After church we talked with Juan and he told us that he liked church and wants to learn more and visit more with us!!! YAYYY!!! This is such good news!!! I am hoping that we can teach Juan effectively with the Spirit so that he can learn of the blessings of this gospel and also with his son Ruso.....and one day the mom. One day! haha At night we visited Lino de la Cuba, his son is an investigator and came to church as well. Lino de la Cuba is a less active and has a wife and 2 kids that arent members. We just visited with them and got to know the family more. They are an awesome family. We set up a date to make brownies together and watch a church video with them this week! She said that she likes many things about the church and asked what she needed to do to be a member! Yayy! Just come to church and get baptized! We are the perfect people to talk to haha So this week we will be working on building our relationship with her and her family and hopefully she will want to get baptized after hearing more about the gospel and how the gospel blesses our families. Then in the night we had a lesson with patriarch with 7 other members in the church. He said that he can teach us every week and the members of the ward. He knows a lot about the scriptures and it reminds me of classes at institute. It was fun learning more about the gospel from patriarch and the other members in our ward! This week has been filled with many wonderful events. I am thankful for this opportunity to help others. I feel like this is my second home and my other ward here in Peru. The members are incredible and helpful. And we are having much success with investigators and building relationships with them and teaching them more about Christ. Thank you for the love and support you all send from home to Peru. The mission life is the life. Love always, Hermana Flora xoxoxo P.S. President Zobrist made a new rule for the mission here in Arequipa......we can watch Disney movies!!! I didnt believe my Zone Leaders when they said this. RIO 2! and Frozen! This is so exciting haha in 2 weeks we are going to watch Frozen with the Zone! Disney is my HOME! LOVE YOU!

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