Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 3

February 4, 2013

Family and Friends!!
This week has been a wonderful week here at the CMM! Much better than last week. So this past week we had this Stress Management class that ended up being really stressful! haha Our teacher had us go out to the field that we play soccer on and do some sprints. While we were out there we got locked out of the CMM. At first we thought it was a joke to see how we would react but it really wasnt haha I thought it was hilarious. One of the Elders climbed the wall and started yelling for help and then finally someone came and let us in, When we came in one of the fire hydrants went off and there was water spraying everywhere. I was super confused and still wasnt sure if this was real or not. Theres been lots of jokes pulled in the CMM so you never know haha but it was a great experience haha
I forgot to tell you about what happened last week when the Latinos left! It was a really sad and emotional day. Our district put together a musical number to sing to them on Sunday the day before they were leaving. The song we chose was, God be with you Til we meet again. All the latinos were crying and is was a very spiritual and wonderful experience. After the song, we all said our goodbyes and it ended very well. But they will definielty be missed.
This week I got a new companion. The President of my branch told me out of one of my classes and asked if Hermana Smith and I would be willing to change companions to split up a companionship that wasnt working. I was definielty willing to do it but I was sad to say bye to Hermana Smith. She was really sad as well because we got along sooo well and we never had any problems. Just a few days ago we asked the President why he chose us because there were other girls he could have chosen and we were perfectly fine together. He told us that all of the members prayed about it and felt like we were the ones that could best handle the change so that made us both feel a lot better. As for now, we are both doing much better! I love my new companion! She is awesome! She is from Canada and her first language is French but she knows Englsih really well so theres no problem communicating. She is a little crazy at times and we have lots of fun together. We are a good companionship!
Since Ive been here in the CMM we have had a goal to read the Book of Mormon from start to finish before leaving. That has been such a great experience and I have learned so much more. I am in Alma now and I love it! I would encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon as much as you can! It is another Testament of Christ and I know that it is the words of God. I am so happy to be a missionary! I have grown since Ive been here so I look forward to all the growth I will have in these next 18 months! I hope things are going well at home! I love all of you so much and I am so thankful for your support and love!
Love always,
Hermana Flora

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