Sunday, February 16, 2014

2 more weeks

Hello Family!!
Its been another good week here at the CCM! This last Saturday we went out proselyting again! This time was much much better than last time. I think I was expecting to know everything everyone was saying the first time so it was rough not knowing anything but this time I wasnt expecting to know anything so when I caught words and phrases it made me feel so much better! My companion for the day knew English so that was also such a blessing because it made it easier to communicate. When we went out to teach I was with my new companion for the day that knew Spanish and one of the missionaries from Lima and also one of the teachers here at the CCM so there was 4 of us total. We first taught an investigator who is planning on getting baptized on the 14th of Feb! Valentines Day! He is 81 and is so sweet! We taught him about tithing and chastity. He asked me to give the opening prayer and it went pretty well. Well at least I think it did haha The teacher was really good to me while we were tracting! She gave me some advice for talking to people and gave me the confidence to start talking to people in Spanish! She also told me that the 2 most important questions to ask someone is...What is your name and where are you from. When I asked these questions to one guy on the street I noticed a change in his perspective on us as missionaries and was more willing to listen to us. I gave him a folleto.. pamphlet..on the restauration and gave him a little into about our gospel and invited him to church. It was AWESOME! I was so shocked at how well it went! Trust in the Lord and He will help you! I know that to be true! As we walked away I looked back and he was reading through the pamphlet! I dont know why I doubt the Lords ability sometimes. This is HIS work so I should never doubt that the Lord will provide a way!
This week the 2 group of Latinos left and the North American group above us left. They loved the song we sang to the other group (God Be With you Till we meet again): They asked us to sing the song to them as well haha It was sad saying bye to them but I am super excited for the next group because I hear there are 6 latinas coming in that are going to Arequipa!! I cant wait!
A scripture that I read this week that was really powerful to me that was about missionary work and teaching with the Spirit was D&C 68:4. You should read it! Its really awesome reading it as a missionary because it shows how powerful we can be when we teach with the spirit! I just love being a missionary! We have so much extra power to teach the people. We also have so much more added responsibility since we are always wearing 2 names on us. 1. our Family name, mine being Flora! and 2. Jesus Christ´s name. SUCH A HUGE RESONSIBILTY! Scary at times but it is a constant reminder that I need to be working hard and being obedient always!

Thank you for all the love and support I have from all of you at home!!
You really are a strength to me!

I love all of you!
Hermana Flora

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