Monday, April 13, 2015

Reunions Recitals Baptisms

April 13, 2015 Family and Friends!! This week was fulllll of activities, meetings, and the baptism of Paul and a young boy Rafael in the ward. It was such a good week. Also, this morning we woke up at 2:30 in the morning to go to Chivay which is 4 hours away and visit the sights there. SUPER PRETTY! Where to begin, The Recital that we had was a pretty good success, we hoped to have more people but thats okay. The people that all came LOVED it and want to come to the nest one that we will have in Umacollo this Saturday. Paul. Got baptized! Its been a good time that weve been working with Paul (19) and we have honestly seen a true change in him. He has testified of feeling something different while reading the book of mormon and attending church. He was really worried about getting baptized since his mom was super against it since she said that he had already been baptized in the Catholic church before. I shared an experience that I had with him about having courage in what we believe in and going to the Lord with our desires and how that with our Faith we can see miracles. We invited him to pray and ask God to give him the proper words for his mom to accept his desire to get baptized. He accepted. We went back 2 days later and he shared his experience that he had with him mom and he too had seen a miracle. His mom accepted and said that if it were his desire she would accept it and support him! What a miracle! It was so great to see his ánimos (excitement) to get baptized! Another miracle this week that happened was from the Recital Musical that we had on Friday. We decided to sing in the Mercado (Market) and pass out the rest of our invites. We talked to a group of jovenes, boys, that seemed interested. One in particular seemed more interested than the others but we just invited them to the Recital and left. I had a strong impression to go back and talk to them. I wasnt sure if they would still be there but 2 of them were and one of themwas the one I wanted to talk to! His name is Johnaton. I felt super weird going back up to him but I decided to do it anyways....well guess what!? He SHOWED up to the Recital SOLO! We set up a time to visit him this week. But it was really cool to see that the Spirit was guiding me to go back and talk to him even though I felt weird about doing it, Im glad I followed :) I encourage you all to follow the directions of the Spirit and do what is right even if we might feel uncomfortable about it. I know that the Lord has a better plan and vision of what will happen through our acts! I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a great week! Read your scriptures Love always, Hermana Flora

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