Monday, March 16, 2015

The good fight

Family and Friends!! This week has been a lot different than normal. We had divisions, leader meetings, choir practice, and an all day activity with the stake of Umacollo. The highlight of the week was probably the Stake activity in Umacollo. It was called, Un dia como misionera, one day as a missionary! It was for all the Young Women in the Stake of Umacollo. They asked 8 hermanas to come and help out with this activity since there were only 2 sisters in the whole stake. It started at 8am and ended at 5pm. We got separated into groups and each missioanry went with either two or three young women. In my group there were three jovenes, 13, 16, and 18. They were the sweetest. We started the day off with personal study, companion study, and then District Meeting. Then we got some names and left to go visit! The girls were super nervous and asking me what they should do and say. The first 2 doors we knocked on denied us, but with persistence we got into the house of a member, Jasmine, who is less active. At first the girls were really nervous but once we started teaching and talking with the hermana they started opening up and the lesson was super good! After, we came back for lunch and ate as a Stake. The girls were still excited about the work that they asked me if we could go out and pass out the rest of the folletos, pamphlets, while the rest of the girls were still eating. We left for 10 minutes and the girls were trying so hard to pass out the folletos to the people they found in the street. It was super cute seeing their determination. It reminded me of the spirit that I had when I first came to the mission. I loved this activity. At the end, we had an inventory and talked about all the qualities that we all had. I didnt realize how much they looked up to me until this moment. Then at the very end of the meeting there was a testimony meeting. All of the three girls got up and bore their testimonies about how they loved going out and look forward to serving a mission in the future! It was great. After the activity we came back to our area and visited Denielson. He is 16 years old and he is golden! He had many good questions. Hermana Waldron asked him what he had learned while we was on divisions. He remembered basically everything about the lesson, which was the Restoration. He then said, your church is true because it has the priesthood! He then asked a bunch of good questions. For example, he asked if he could get baptized twice. Hermana Waldron then explained that it is important to get baptized with the correct authority. Denielson then said, I need to get baptized! WOW! We were both dying inside with excitment. We then invited him to pray so that he could recieve an answer from God and feel secure about his decision. He accepted to prepare for the 28th of March. Yayy! Its been a great week. The best part of the mission is teaching someone and having them understand and want to change because of it. As missionaries we are here to invite them to come unto Christ. We arent obligating people to come unto Christ, just inviting. But the best part of the mission has been when people have accepted and felt this great joy that we feel. If only everyone accepted what we have to teach. He peleado le buena batalla, he acabado la carrera, he guardado la fe. 2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Keep up the good fight!! Love always, Hermana Flora

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