Monday, March 2, 2015


Family and Friends!! This has been a crazy busy week. We went on 2 divisions this week back to back and then had 2 baptisms back to back. It was such a fulfilling week. Narcy and Ariana got baptized Friday evening. We finished divisions right before lunch, went and ate, then got ready for the baptism. When we got to the font the water had all poured out! We frantically ran around trying to fill the font back up. We grabbed buckets and filled them up trying to fill the font up as soon as possible so we could heat up the water. We got the font filled pretty fast so we went over to the heater but it wasn't working at all! We called some people to come and help us. By the time we got the heater to work it was 15 minutes before the baptism was supposed to start. But thankfully the water seemed to heat up faster than expected. It wasn't warm by the time of the baptism but it wasn't deathly freezing. Nancy got baptized first by Elder Rosado. She had the biggest smile on her face and was so happy to be getting baptized. It was the sweetest thing. Then her sister, Ariana, got baptized by Elder Taylor. They were both so happy, even though they were freezing. During their testimonies Narcy shared that she was praying the night before to know if what she was doing was right. She said that she felt really good about it and when she woke up that morning she was filled with excitement. Erika, the mom of Narcy and Ariana, thanked us for helping out with the baptism and making it the most perfect day ever. She was probably the happiest one out of the three of them. She's a member but is recently coming back to church. It's as if the whole family is coming into the church. Erika was really happy to see her daughters get baptized. I know that they are going to be great converts and be able to help others come unto Christ as well! Saturday evening was the baptism of Max. Since we had problems with heating the water with the baptism before, we made sure to get there really early. We just happened to get there a little too early...haha The water was now TOO hot. It was probably the same as a hot tub! As he got in he said he was going to get cooked! haha The last baptism was too cold and now this one was too hot. The next one will be perfect! Anyways, other than the hot water, it went super well. Max was a little nervous before but the look on his face after getting baptized was priceless. His smile was bigger than I've ever seen. He was filled with joy. It was such a good day. Mosiah, the one that baptized Max, has been a HUGE help this week. He is now our new mission leader! Its the best! He thinks of everything and has been helping us with the baptism plans and with support from the members. Its been UNREAL how much he's been helping us. We're excited to work with him in the work of Salvation. This week has been crazy! We were dead tired by the end of Sunday, but it was all worth it. It was a miracle week. We were able to see 3 converts get baptized this week. It was the best experience. I love you all! Love always, Hermana Flora Family and Friends!!

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