Wednesday, February 25, 2015


February 9, 2015 MIRACLES!! Family and Friends!! This week has been the biggest miracle ever. I look back at this week and cant even believe that it even happened. Our first week here in Zamacola we had been working hard together and sort of started over in the area since Hermana Waldrons other companion was super sick and had bad knees so she couldn't walk too much, so when I got here we went out to work and worked hard! This week we were able to see some of the blessings of our hard work. We have been putting our faith in the Lord and pushing ourselves to work to the hardest of our abilities. I am thankful that the Lord has been trusting us with His children here in Zamacola. We have been able to meet and have lessons with people that are really ready to hear about the gospel. At the beginning of this we didn't have anyone that was preparing for baptism. By the end of this week we were able to help 4 people put dates down to get baptized! We now have 3 people that are getting prepared to get baptized the 21st of Feb and another the 28th of Feb. It really is a miracle! Im super happy to help these people come unto baptism. The first 2 people that accepted baptism were 2 sisters. Nancy (17) and Ariana (11). There mom (Erika) is a member but less active for about 15 years and wants to come back and see her daughters get baptized. We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with them on Tuesday and talked about the convenio of baptism and how important it is and the younger sister Ariana seemed more excited than Nancy but by the end of the lesson after explaining to Nancy that we all make mistakes after baptism, she was more excited to get baptized. She thought that we had to be PERFECT after baptism. But I asked her if she thought that we were perfect? And of course were not, so then she felt more excited to get baptized! They're preparing to get baptized the same day (just as her mom did with her sister) for the 21st of Feb! The next person is Max (16). His brother just got baptized 2 months ago and he has been interested in the church and wanted to take a different path in his life. Our second lesson with him we invited him to baptism for the 21st of Feb and he accepted. His brother was SUPER excited and I know that he will receive lots of support from his family since his brother is a member and his brothers wife and all her family are members. We eventually hope to get him on a mission! The last person this week we invited to baptism was Luis. He just showed up at church 3 weeks ago with his girlfriend, Daniela, who is a member from another city. They came again this Sunday and we set up a time to visit with them after church. We asked them what there goals were with our visits and Daniela told us that she wants him to get baptized! Then Luis said that he wants to learn more. He said he doesn't want to get baptized by force but wants to know more about baptism so we taught him the Gospel of Christ which includes baptism. After better explaining what baptism is, we invited him to prepare for baptism for the 28th of Feb and then he asked, ¨How can I prepare for baptism?¨ What a good question! We confirmed to him and let him know that we will be here to help him and also gave him some reading in the Book of Mormon and invited him to pray about it so he can receive an answer too! I really cant believe the miracles we've seen but its true! Thanks for all your prayers and your love. We are doing great here and working hard. We have a lot of good things going here in Zamacola! I love you all! Hermana Flora

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