Monday, February 2, 2015

Because of Him

Family and Friends!! With this week being fast Sunday we put our faith to the test and as always we were able to see many blessings. Fasting has always been a struggle for me since I love food and its super hard to go away from water while we are walking all day and night teaching people. But when we put our trust in the Lord He will never let us down. As a mission we put a goal to get 10 new investigators every week. The week had been coming to a close and we only had 3 new investigators and it was Saturday night...what do we do?...We had been working hard and diligent the whole week but we weren't seeing any results...I was a little bummed but we continued working with a smile on our faces :) Sunday came along and a member came up to us and invited us to show a video during the baptism of her daughter that afternoon. We got a video together which was called....Because of Him. (You should all watch it by the way, only 3 minutes and its the best). At the end of the baptism we showed the video and shared our testimonies after. After the member family came up to us and told us they wanted to introduce us to their friends that weren't members. There were SO MANY! They all seemed super interested and wanted to learn more and come to church. Hermana Waldron and I were both just so excited! Blessings come, Sunday night came along and we reached our goal of 10 new investigators! We were both so surprised!! Thanks to the members we were able to work together in a team and see miracles happen. I can testify that Fasting brings blessings. It is a huge trial of our faith but its a way that the Lord can bless us. I love you all! Have a good week and know that God loves you. Watch the video Because of Him!

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