Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm Legal!

Family and Friends!! I am officially legal! Yayy!! Went to Lima Sunday night and was there doing paper work all day Monday so now I have the chance to write all of you! The secret to life is Faith in God and gratitude. This is the key to happiness. If we know that everything will work out if we are obedient and are thankful for what the Lord has given us, there is no doubt that we will be happy. This week I have found joy in the little things. My joy has come in teaching this beautiful message we have with the people here. What a great blessing we have to know this gospel. At times I don't know if we truly realize how great we have it. I look at the people around me, rushing to and from, waking up, going to work, eating, returning home, going to bed, and repeating this all over again the next day. How sad would it be to think that this was the only purpose to life. Work, eat, sleep, and repeat. There has to be more than that. Thankful to this gospel we know that there is. This life will move faster than we can imagine. Our purpose isn't just to live and die. We are suppose to live and prove ourselves to the Lord. We are in training for a better life. We need to prepare for the judgement that will come upon us after this life. Thankful to Jesus Christ we can be saved. All He asks of us is to come unto Him and we will be saved. He gave us SO much and asks for SO little. With this knowledge we need to give Him our gratitude by coming unto Christ. Everyone can come closer unto Christ. We just need to have Faith, Repent of our sins and all our wrong doings, Be baptized by His authority, and Endure to the end! This week was kind of crazy. I went to Lima Sunday afternoon to do my paperwork on Monday. I got back to my area Tuesday morning and only had 24 more hours with my companion before she left. Its so sad to see her go but its exciting to be with her during her last moments in the mission. We had a super good last week together. We have new investigators and the work is moving slowly but surely here in Moqugua! This Sunday we have our grand music recital for the Stake. The missionaries from Ilo are coming up to our area and we are having a big choir, special musical numbers, and talks. It will be an awesome night. We are inviting investigators, members, and basically everyone! I look forward to it! I am playing the piano for parts of it and singing as well. I look forward to seeing how it goes. My companion left this morning to go to Arequipa and have there conferences before going home. Im sad to see her leave me :( but this is just a new chapter in my life! I am now just waiting the arrival of my new companion next Tuesday! I Cant Wait! Enjoy what you have. You never know what you have until its gone. Hot showers. Heavenly. Thank you for your love and support! Love always, Hermanita Florita

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