Monday, September 8, 2014

Family and Friends!! I would be the last to believe it, but I now actually LIKE the rice dessert. What? haha Its called Arroz con leche. I was oddly craving it for 2 days this week and during one family home evening with some members they served it to us and I had never been so excited for the rice dessert. Miracles do happen. haha Big news from the week. We had Zone Conference and have been working a lot with getting people to better understand the Atonement. From Neil L Andersen's words to us last week, we are putting his words into action and teaching a lot more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is so true that if everyone truly understood the Atonement they would do absolutely do anything. There would be no excesses, just actions! This week we have gone to the Family Salinas house to read the scriptures with them everyday. The family is recent converts as of April and the dad has desires to get baptized. They have 4 kids. Carlos is the oldest at 14, then Karla at 11, Angel around 9, the last Danielle at 6. We are hoping that they will be getting married either this week or the next! He needs to get married before he gets baptized, so right after the wedding he will have his baptism! The sun is super strong here and it gets hotter and hotter by the day. My companion, Hermana Chamorro has been teaching me more the area and having me meet more recent converts, less actives, and members. The area is HUGE so I just get a little worried since this is my last week with Hna Chamorro and then she leaves, she finishes the mission in just one short week. Crazy! Then after that I will have a fresh new missionary and will train! Im nervous but I know I will be learning and growing a lot in this time. I will be trusting in the Lord A TON. Pray for me! This Sunday was another highlight. We had a training meeting with all the leaders in the ward and taught them about Ward Counsel, and the forms that they should be using in their organizations. It went really well because apparently before the ward wasn't doing much to help and in the whole month of August there was NO ward counsel. I hope this training will help them move to actions. There are some members that were super motivated and helping others get excited to help. We will be following up on them so they can keep this excitement and also continue on with their responsibilities. It will be nice to receive help from the ward! The missionary life is going great! Theres the good days, the alright days, and the amazing days! Thankfully there are more good days than bad. When there are bad days its only because I am thinking selfishly. I when I start complaining to myself about things such as the heat or other things, I just think of the people around me and this usually helps me forget myself and go to work, as Presidents Hinckley's dad told him while he was on the mission. Also, my testimony just keeps growing and growing and my knowledge of the church and the scriptures is expanding. What an amazing experience this is to serve a mission. Thank you for your support and love! Love always, Hermana Flora

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