Monday, August 11, 2014

Family and Friends!! This week was transfer week. I was worried this whole week because I didnt know what was going to happen. I was either leaving to Tacna or staying with Hermana Ogden and I really wanted to stay with Hermana Ogden. We find out transfers Saturday night. The highlights of the week. The Choque family, the Condori family progress, and the Pioneer walk with the Stake. First, the Choque family is a family of converts. The last one out of the family to get baptized was Francisco, which is the dad that Hermana Bazan and I were able to see get baptized. I never realized how great of an impact I had on the family. I guess I just underestimate myself at times. But anyways, it was a blessing to the beautiful notes that they wrote me this week because we didnt know if I was staying or leaving this week. They thanked me for my service and for the work that Hermana Bazan and I did for their family and how they will never forget about me. They told me that I better not forget about them. I was just really touched by all that they wrote me. Also, Francisco travels a lot so we dont have the opportunity to talk to him very much. Thursday we called him to just ask when he will come back to town. When he realized it was Hermana Flora on the phone his tone of voice changed and was filled with so much joy. I was so surprised to think he would be so happy to hear from us! He told us he is coming back this Tuesday and wants to get an interview to get the priesthood! I just feel blessed to have the opportunity to get to know the Choque family and hopefully be able to see them go to the temple in one year! They are the strongest family that we have taught. They still have a long way to go since they have their weaknesses, as we all do, but I hope to see them progress more in my life. The Condori family. Juan and Ines. This week was the last week to turn in papers in order to get married here in Arequipa for FREE. In order for the family to progress Juan and Ines need to get married. Juan says he wants to get baptized and Ruso, 15, also wants to get baptized. We have had so many good lessons with them and they have been the best progressing investigators that I have ever had. Well on the last day for the papers we came back to see the final final decision. Ines wanted to get married before but Juan had always put it off. She told us that she wants to wait until he gets more things in line and in order before she marries him. Its also a little bit rushed for them both. How many years have you two been together? 16 years. This was a huge crush on me. We read scriptures about keeping the commandments and the blessings that will come both temporally and spiritually. But they were more concerned about other things. Sad. Sad. Sad. On this day I had never felt so much sorrow in my life. I know the blessings that they will recieve. I know the happiness they could have. Why cant they just listen and do what is right. We came back to the apartment and I just cried. How come people just dont understand? Its just so easy if we keep the commandments and obey. Why wont people just do it? During this experience, I would like to say that I was able to experience just a tiny piece of what our Savior Jesus Christ must feel every day. There are so many people in the world that know the gospel but choose to reject it and choose wickedness over righteousness. They put the things of the world at a greater importance than the things of God. How sad. I felt this sadness that day. This makes me want to be a better person because I dont want Jesus Christ to ever be disappointed in me. I know I will not be perfect but I want to try my best. The pioneer walk. It was an awesome Stake activity. We dressed up as pioneers and had the carts as the pioneers and walked from Independencia to PorVenir, which was about 5 or so miles. Up and down hills. We walked for 2 hours. They put us into our wards and we walked together as a stake. I really liked the activity because we were able to bond more as a ward and we got to get to know the members better. As we were walking all through the town we got many stares from the people and people wondering what in the world we were doing haha We passed out flyers of the history of the pioneers to all the people we passed on the street. What a great idea of contacting! The spirit was really strong through the activity. Everyone enjoyed the activity and had just a small little piece of how the pioneers felt. Well Saturday night came as slowly as ever. I didnt know if I was staying in Graficos or leaving. Elder Wells called and told me that I was off the Tacna. I was a little bummed since I wanted another change with Hermana Ogden but I know all is in the will of the Lord. We were both a little bummed. Then an hour and a half later Elder Wells called again and asked if I was packing and I by then I knew he was playing a joke on me. I am staying in Graficos for one more transfer with Hermana Ogden! Yaayyy!! I am so happy! I was so mad but he was getting me back for all the jokes I pulled on them. Sadly Elder Wells is leaving Selva Alegre. He has been my Zone Leader since the time Ive gotten here on the mission. But my new zone leaders are Elder Meza and Elder Murdock. It will be fun! I look forward to having this last 6 weeks here in Graficos. We have a lot to look forward to in the work. Hopefully Ruso will get baptized this week! We had more attendence this week and are 2 people away from reaching our goal of 100 members in the sacrament meeting! Also we had 3 different less actives come to church today! We have a lot of blessings coming our way these next few weeks! Keep barrio Graficos in your prayers! I hope all is well at home and everyone is healthy and reading their scriptures and going to church! Keep doing the good work and remember to share the gospel with your friends! Love always, Hermana Flora xoxo

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