Monday, August 18, 2014

Arequipa Day!

Family and Friends!! Happy Birthday Donny! Big that real? I don't believe it. haha crazy! This week was filled with some good work here in Graficos. One day this week we went out with two young women in the ward and did divisions. We ended up getting some good references since some of our appointments fell through. It was fun going out with the Young Women. The one I went out with is Marjory. She was asking me about the mission and how I decided to go on a mission. She is thinking of going on a mission as well but her parents want her to finish college first. We shall see what happens. I loved seeing her excitement with the work and how willing she is to help us. If only we started going out with her sooner! At least we know now haha We had a zone meeting with all the missionaries in Arequipa city. Its always good to hear from President and to see Hermana Zobrist. Our CCM group was together for the first time since the mission, all we are missing is Hubert! It was so good to see the other hermanas. This week on Friday was Dia de Arequipa! Arequipa Day! 474 years of Arequipas birth. There was a parade that went through the city. As a zone we met up and then went contacting around the parade. What a cool experience. We saw an entrance to the parade with an officer standing by the entrance. And I just decided to see if we could get in just to look at the parade so I entered. The police officer said nothing to me so my comp and 4 other elders in our district followed. One of the benefits of being white in Peru, they just assume we have no idea what were doing. haha Anyways we were walking in the parade! We had little cards with Jesus and with the Salt Lake City temple on it so we started walking in the parade and passing the cards out to people sitting and watching. I have never had people beg me for things of the church ever in my life. If someone didn't get a card they were dramatically waving their arms at us saying that they didn't get one. Wow. If only thats what people did to get into the baptismal font. haha After that experience we escaped from the parade when we ran out of cards and pamphlets and started contacting and talking to those on the street. It was a fun experience. By the end of the night we were DEAD. We were walking allll day in the sun. We crashed at the end of the night. Happy Arequipa Day! Saturday started off pretty well. We went to a Young Womans and Mens activity for our ward, got a cake for Hna Lady's birthday and celebrated her birthday with her for a little. Later at night we went to visit Ruso, Juan, and Ines, the Condori Family with Hna Ladys husband, Wilfredo. We had a Family Home Evening with them. Started off with reading a scripture in the Bible saying to Suffer the little children to come unto me...something along those lines of not stopping the children to come unto Christ. Well, long story short. Juan got really offended and told us that he knew where we were going with this scripture and he stands where he stands about letting Ruso get baptized. He wants to wait until he gets better and then Ruso will get baptized. The pride kills. We were both bummed about this news. Ruso has been ready for baptism for about 6 years. Its just sad that the only thing holding him back is his parents signature. We fasted Saturday night and Sunday for Ruso and the family. We are going to put our faith in God and pray for Him to help us. Tuesday we have a lesson with him and we will come EXTRA prepared, with inspired questions, a game plan of how we can get through to Juan with a humble heart. We want to offend him again but I feel like we just need to tell him how it is. How can you do that without offended someone? Well, we are counting on the help of the Spirit. Please pray for Ruso and for the heart of Juan to be softened. Thank you for your love and support! Happy Birthday to Dad this Saturday on the 23rd! Hope Dad and Donny both have wonderful birthdays! Love you both! Love always, Hermana Flora xoxo

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